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Battle for the Winds

  • Date: 28 July 2012
  • Area: South West
aerial artist

Battle for the Winds. Credit: Kevin Clifford

A theatrical event on Weymouth beach on Saturday 28 July will tell the story of a quest to gather the winds from across the South West to power the Olympic sailing events. The performance features dance, aerial artists, theatre and navy landing craft.

4000 artists from across the South West and beyond have been involved in the event. Seven groups of Wind Gatherers from across the region, representing seven points of the compass, have built fantastical Wind Gathering machines to collect the breezes for the sailing.

In the tale, stony-hearted Doldrum, the enemy of the winds, has captured the crucial South West Wind which is represented by the disabled and non-disabled performers of Breathe company. Trapped in Doldrum's transparent prisons, the movement and joy of the Breathers is fossilised.

People who cannot walk will be flying above the crowds, wheelchairs moving inside bubbles, and in the final scene representing the wind being released to sea two thousand and twelve torchbearers will wade into the water.

Internationally renowned poet Alice Oswald has produced eight new poems for the events, which are being used by the teams of Wind Gatherers and can be seen on the Battle for the Winds website.

Wind Gathering teams and their vessels will process along the Esplanade between 1.00 and 3.00 on Saturday 28 July and the final The Battle for the Winds performance takes place on Weymouth Beach Live Site at 8.45pm. Doors open at 7.00. The event is free and unticketed.