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Arts events connect people and places in Peterborough

  • Date: 9 November 2010
  • Area: South East
man gesturing at girl

Naveed Khan and Djalenga Scott in 'Lincoln Road'. Credit: Mel Evans

Two arts events, taking place this month, are connecting the people of Peterborough with the city in which they live.


Peterborough residents are being invited to participate in a new kind of personal tour of the city, identifying and talking about locations that matter to them and have influenced their lives. An exciting new participatory arts project, called TAKE ME TO, gives people living in the city an opportunity to share their own experiences of everyday Peterborough life. Participants can take a glimpse into the lives of other people of all ages and backgrounds who live alongside them, by taking a tour to each other's neighbourhoods.

The TAKE ME TO project is being developed by arts organisation Encounters as part of a Citizen Power Peterborough initiative being piloted by Peterborough City Council, the Royal Society of Arts and Arts Council England. It has been designed to inspire people to share what is special to them about their neighbourhood, and to find out what is special to others.

Citizen Power Peterborough aims to build connections between people and communities, get them more involved in public life and encourage active citizenship.

Participants are invited to take part in initial gatherings on 11 or 12 November, ahead of the neighbourhood TAKE ME TO tours, which take place on 27 and 28 November. The project culminates in a celebration event on 1 December, where participants can share their reflections and enjoy a feast prepared with locally-sourced food. All events are free.

Ruth Ben-Tovim, artistic leader of the project for Encounters, said: 'The idea for the tours came from our desire to create and stitch together new 'highways' between different people in Peterborough. We will invite people to explore new ways to be alongside each other: an invitation to show strangers their favourite view, a place that makes them smile, even a place where they wouldn't go after dark. It's a kind of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' that deepens everyone's understanding of each other and of the city they share.'

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Lincoln Road

Based on real stories from Peterborough's Italian, Pakistani, Polish and African Caribbean communities, Lincoln Road is the latest touring production by Eastern Angles. This all-new version of the play by Danusia Iwaszko focuses on the character of Gianni, a young Italian Peterborian, and his attempts to unify his friends from the local community. His big ideas are based on the colourful and energetic carnivals of Notting Hill. Gianni dreams of bringing dance, food and music together in a festival culminating in a procession down Peterborough's famous 'Lincoln Road'. But as Gianni soon discovers, idealistic dreams can be difficult to bring to fruition.

Danusia Iwaszko's research in the city unearthed a wealth of stories - some tender and others very funny. These experiences, ranging from one Zimbabwean man's grief to brave volunteer firemen, spring to life in this new production.

Lincoln Road, which is being performed in Peterborough until 14 November 2010, follows Eastern Angles' recent production Our Nobby. Written by Kenneth Emson, Our Nobby was inspired by a famous and much-loved homeless man that used to walk the streets of Peterborough. Throughout September and October it played to over 1,700 people at over 20 performances in pubs, community centres, churches and schools in Peterborough.

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