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Arts Council responds to 29.6 per cent funding cut

  • Date: 20 October 2010
  • Area: National

Cuts to Arts Council funding will have 'a significant impact on the cultural life of this country' says Alan Davey, Arts Council England Chief Executive.

On Wednesday, 20 October 2010, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport outlined our funding settlement for the next four years. The Arts Council's grant in aid will be reduced to £349.4m by 2014/15 - a 29.6% cut.

The full breakdown is:

  • 2011/12  - £387.7m
  • 2012/13  - £359.2m
  • 2013/14  - £351.6m
  • 2014/15  - £349.4m

We will now analyse the details of the settlement and the consequences for the arts in this country as a whole, and will announce how we will be implementing the cuts shortly after our National Council meets on 25 October. 

National Council has already indicated that we will seek to minimise the effect of any cuts to the portfolio of arts organisations we regularly fund

'The Secretary of State has asked us to try to ensure that funding for arts organisations is not cut by more than 15% over the next four years - the tipping point that we identified to the Chancellor some months ago' commented Alan. 'We will see what we can do, but the fact that we are receiving a larger cut in the first year will make managing the impact even more challenging.'

'These cuts will inevitably have a significant impact on the cultural life of the country. There will be some tough decisions but we are determined to manage the cuts in the best possible way for the benefit of the arts and cultural sector overall.'

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