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Arts Council England announces membership of the London Area Council

  • Date: 20 September 2013
  • Area: London

Further to a restructure that was implemented in July 2013, Arts Council England has announced membership of the London Area Council. Joining Veronica Wadley, Chair of the London Area Council, are 12 council members, including Bradley Hemmings, founder and Artistic Director of Greenwich+Docklands International Festival.

The full list of membership for the London Area Council is:
Veronica Wadley (Chair & member of National Council)
Munira Mirza
Guy Nicholson
Cecilia Wee
John Middleton
Marcus Davey
Cllr Flick Rea
Cllr Florence Nosegbe
Cllr Andrew Curtin
James Conway
Robert Dufton
David Hall
Bradley Hemmings

Following the Arts Council's decision to move from nine regions to five areas, David Norgrove was commissioned to review the Arts Council's non-executive governance, including both national and regional councils. In line with the recommendations made by The Norgrove Report, five new area councils have been created, including the London. The new appointments to the five Area Councils across England bring to a close the Arts Council's transition from nine regions to five areas.

The new Area Councils are:

The North
The Midlands
The South East
The South West

The five Area Councils will help ensure that the Arts Council spends public money against agreed strategy and in a way that the public can see, understand and support the investment. Hand-in-hand with this, members will also advocate for the arts, culture and the Arts Council within their area.

The Area Councils will also provide an important forum for artists, organisations and other stakeholders to ensure their views are heard in the formulation of Arts Council strategy and to share Arts Council England's thinking with the sector.

In addition to providing support and governance on an area level, each of the Area Councils will offer advice to National Council in terms of 'on-the-ground' knowledge of locally and nationally significant issues.

For more information please visit here.