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Arts Council England announces further successful applications to its Creative people and places programme

  • Date: 17 June 2014
  • Area: National

We have just announced three new successful applications to the Creative people and places programme, which is designed to empower communities to take the lead in shaping local arts provision.

The successful applications, each from groups – or consortia – of organisations working together, have been awarded a total £2,275,749 over the next three years. They are:

Rifco Arts leading for Slough
Grant offer: £625,000
Rifco Arts will develop a consortium who will produce diverse, dynamic and distinctive artistic approaches, opportunities and experiences to excite, entertain and enable participation and engagement in the arts in Slough. Partners include YES Your Engagement Slough, Creative Junction CIC, Aik Saath, Resource Productions, SWIPE and Slough Borough Council.

Luton Culture for Luton
Grant offer: £686,531
Bring Me Sunshine is a springboard for Luton to develop into a dynamic and diverse town with exceptional creativity and innovation. Creative Community Forums will be recruited through Luton's well-established Neighbourhood Governance Networks alongside artists and creative producers. With the support of Creative Leaders and Creative Hub made up of artists and creative industries. And drawing on best practice from Critical Friends. These networks will introduce inspirational activity across artforms and challenge preconceptions about what the arts can be.

Arts Development East Cambridge for Fenland
Grant offer: £964,218
Market Place will connect seven market towns across Forest Heath and Fenland through the development of a strong, confident and ambitious arts community. Community groups, cultural leaders and artists will form Market Place Traders groups in each town to develop ambitious programmes across the voluntary, professional and commercial sectors. Local leaders will feed into a national dialogue around 'missing markets' and ways to change the arts ecology in places with limited arts infrastructure.

The Creative people and places programme focuses on parts of the country where peoples’ involvement in the arts is significantly below the national average, and takes a new approach by allowing communities and grass roots organisations to play a leading part in inspiring others to get involved with the arts.

The projects are being delivered by consortia and partners which include arts organisations, museums, libraries, local authorities and commercial organisations working in collaboration with the local community, grass roots organisations and the amateur sector.

Hedley Swain, Area Director South East, Arts Council England, said: 

'Creative people and places is designed to empower communities to take the lead in shaping local arts provision. While increasing participation from those in the local area, these projects will have a real impact in attracting new people to the arts. We are looking forward to working with the successful applicants and are excited to see their ambition realised.'

To date, the Arts Council has awarded a total of just over £34 million for the Creative people and places programme for projects that will come into fruition over the next three years. It is one of a number of initiatives designed to help the Arts Council achieve its goal of more people experiencing and being inspired by the arts – as set out in Great art and culture for everyone, the Arts Council’s ten year strategic plan.

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