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Arts Council Chief Executive, Alan Davey, receives Honorary Doctorate of Arts from Teesside University

  • Date: 23 November 2012
  • Area: North
Alan Davey at Teesside University, November 2012

Alan Davey at Teesside University, November 2012. Credit: Teesside University

On Friday 23 November, Alan Davey attended a ceremony at Teesside University in Middlesbrough where he became an Honorary Doctor of Art at the university.

The award comes five years after Alan was appointed Chief Executive of Arts Council England, prior to which he was the Director for Culture at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, having previously worked as Head of Arts Division at the DCMS.  

It is particularly meaningful to Alan for his achievements in the arts and cultural sector to gain recognition from Teesside University, as he comes from nearby Billingham-on-Tees.

On the award, Alan said: ‘This is a real honour - that I know reflects not just on me but on everyone I have the privilege to work with in the Arts Council and the art and cultural sector more widely. Teesside University is a place that takes all aspects of arts, science and technology seriously - creating the real alchemy that we know happens when the arts are taken seriously and encounter other disciplines. And to have this honour bestowed by the University where I grew up - wow! I'm somewhere near speechless, and so grateful to the Teesside University for honouring me - and the work we all do - in this way.’

Alison Clark-Jenkins, Regional Director, Arts Council England said: ‘This is fantastic for Alan, the Arts Council - and for Teesside. It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge the hard work and effort Alan has made for arts and culture over the years, not least by serving as our Chief Executive; and it’s a great reminder that Teesside and the North East are home to excellent people guiding the sector through these trying times we’re in. I also feel a particular sense of pride, as I also call Teesside my home. Well done Alan.’

In her speech at the ceremony, Professor Gerda Roper, Dean of the School of Arts and Media, said: ‘We are very proud of this man from Teesside who has made such an impact on public life and who epitomises in so many ways the integrity and professionalism of public service. We are delighted that he is here today and it is my huge honour to present Alan Davey for conferment of the honorary degree of Doctor of Art.’

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