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Arts Award celebrates its 100,000th award

  • Date: 15 October 2013
  • Area: National
Lucca Muchmore receives his Arts Award at Telferscot Primary School

Lucca Muchmore receives his Arts Award at Telferscot Primary School. Credit: Matthew Andrews

11-year-old Lucca Muchmore has been named by Trinity College London as the 100,000th person to have achieved an Arts Award – the unique national qualification that supports young people to develop their artistic and leadership talents.

Lucca has amazed his teachers at Telferscot school in Belham and inspired fellow pupils with his infectious enthusiasm for mono-printing and digital illustration. As part of his Bronze Arts Award Lucca created his own website and a range of mono-printing graphics, led workshops at school and at home to pass his skills on to others and created a wonderful scrapbook of how heroes and events have influenced his work, including Lichtenstein in particular.

Lucca, who was presented with a 100,000th congratulations letter and a Lichtenstein print at his school on Friday 11 October by Trinity College London and Arts Council England, said:

‘It was really good and fun to work towards my Arts Award- you can choose to do anything and make it work in any way. I think that doing Arts Award has changed me because before I wasn't as good at art as I am now and I’ve learned new skills and experience. I feel more confident in myself generally - not just in art.’

This milestone comes hot-on-the-heels of some encouraging early findings from the first year of the Arts Award Impact Study, a three-year academic study into the impact of Arts Award on young people’s lives. It shows that some clear benefits of Arts Award include encouraging the development of leadership and peer tutoring skills in young people as well as fostering independent learning. 

See how Lucca was inspired in this video:

Lucca receives the 100,000th Arts Award

Alice Young, Head of Arts Award at Trinity College London said:

‘Lucca is an exceptional young person and in my experience is in very good company. Since we launched Arts Award in 2005, we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact Arts Award has on young people’s educational attainment as well as supporting the development of confidence, communication and leadership skills - such an important foundation for personal growth.

‘Congratulations to Lucca and each and every young person, teacher and Arts Award adviser who have achieved so much over the last eight years. I look forward to another 100,000 young people taking part.’

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