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Art at Gloucester Cathedral

  • Date: 17 February 2011
  • Area: South West
Greg Tricker's 'Maria and Child'

Greg Tricker's 'Maria and Child'.

The opening performance of David Behar-Perahia's Body, Sound, Space, Harmony brought about 200 people to Gloucester Cathedral on Saturday.

Visitors were invited to participate in a large procession through the cathedral, during which David presented the outcome of his collaboration with young composer Edwin Hillier, Master Mason Pascal Mychalysin with Cathedral Masons, performers Ruth Cross and Katherine Gilks and members of the Cathedral Choir, accompanied by organist Ben Morris.

The procession started in the big nave and continued via the cloisters, north transept, upper galleries, whispering gallery and back to the nave, mixing both visual and audio languages. This evocative performance is inspired by the proportions, and the spirit of building techniques, of the cathedral.

David has been working in the cathedral as the artist in residence since July 2010 as part of a residency series funded by Grants for the arts. He recently participated in the highly acclaimed exhibition Crucible. His first show will run until 28 February.

In May, David's one-year residency will culminate in a final exhibition of sculptures informed by his research into medieval building techniques.

On 5 March, Greg Tricker's exhibition of stained glass, paintings, woodcut prints, stone carving and bronze sculpture opens. The exhibition will be opened by Sister Wendy Beckett, author of a new book on the artist to be published in the autumn.

Sacred Light: Christ and a Gathering of Saints will show around seventy works throughout the cathedral. Some 35 are new works, including six large stained glass pieces to be hung in the nave. The exhibition will take place in the nave and cloisters of the cathedral. Larger works include Joseph of Arimathea carved from oak and a limestone sculpture of Bernadette of Lourdes.

The exhibition runs until 5 May.