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Area Team announcements (East Midlands)

  • Date: 3 March 2010
  • Area: Midlands
New Art Exchange

New Art Exchange.

We are pleased to announce our new staff structure, which will be in place as of 1 April 2010.  The following people have been appointed into new roles at Arts Council England East Midlands.

Laura Dyer - Executive Director for Midlands and the South West

Peter Knott - Director, East Midlands

Maud Lannen/Ann Gough - Assistant, East Midlands

Fiona Mitchell-Innes - Senior Manager, Advocacy for Midlands and South West

Sharon Joinson/David Storer - Communications Officer

Emily Alderman - Assistant, Communications, East Midlands

Lisa Towndrow - Senior Manager, Finance and Business Support, Midlands & South West

Carlie Jones - Assistant, Finance and Business Support , Midlands & South West

Jean Richardson - Officer, Finance and Business Analysis, East Midlands

Tina Browne - Office Services Manager, East Midlands

Gemma Cooke - Assistant, Office Services, East Midlands

Simon Fitch - Senior Manager, Funding Programme, East Midlands

Rebecca Dunning - Assistant, East Midlands

Rebecca Blackman - Senior Manager, Corporate Planning, East Midlands

Melanie Gibson - Assistant, East Midlands

Beth Noble - Relationship Manager, Music, East Midlands

Suzannah Bedford Relationship Manager, Engagement and Participation, East Midlands  (Maternity cover for Simone Lennox-Gordon)

Dom Jinks - Senior Manager, Regional Planning, East Midlands

Charlotte Woods - Assistant, East Midlands

Sarah Reed - Relationship Manager, Visual arts, East Midlands

Raul Calderon - Relationship Manager, Dance East Midlands

Jill Brown - Relationship Manager, Combined Arts and Touring

John Cairns - Relationship Manager, Regional planning, East Midlands


There are still some vacancies to be filled but we will update our website as and when this happens.

The East Midlands is merging with the West Midlands and South West to form the Midlands and South West area.