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Red Earth Theatre - ‘Theatre that engages the heart and the mind’

  • Date: 31 August 2011
  • Area: Midlands
Carol Ann Duffy's "The Lost Happy Endings" by Red Earth Theatre and mac.

Carol Ann Duffy's "The Lost Happy Endings" by Red Earth Theatre and mac. . Credit: Robert Day

From their East Midlands base, Red Earth Theatre creates and tours mid and small scale theatre productions specialising in work for children and young people.

Founded in 1999 by Joint Artistic Directors Wendy Rouse and Amanda Wilde, they create mainstream theatre with diverse creative teams, including Deaf and disabled performers.

Both directors worked as drama teachers before moving to repertory and touring theatre and finally settling in children's and young people's inclusive theatre.

Wendy, who also sits on Arts Council England's regional council, commented: "We are very aware that there is a dearth of inclusive theatre out there and few opportunities to see disabled people on the mainstream stage. We are keen to move this forward.

"Our theatre work is all about the quality of our productions, it's about theatre which takes people on a journey and engages the heart and the mind.

"We are delighted to have received NPO funding for the first time; it allows us to plan for the future and we have ambitious plans."

Red Earth facilitate Simorgh, a Midlands-based network, which creatively involves the mainstream sector in understanding and promoting disability equality. They also support the commissioning, production, programming and curation of inclusive arts. If you would like to know more go to Red Earth Theatre Blog.

The company has recently been commissioned to work with Derby City Council's Youth Offending team delivering workshops and training sessions looking at creative ways of engaging young people.