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2012 Turner Prize shortlist revealed

  • Date: 2 May 2012
  • Area: National

Four British artists have been nominated for this year's prestigious Turner Prize, the winner of which will receive £25,000.

On the shortlist are Spartacus Chetwynd from London, for her piece entitled An Evening With Jabba The Hutt 2003 and 48-year-old Paul Noble for his detailed sketches of a fictitious city called Nobson Newtown.

Glasgow-based Luke Fowler, 34, is also in the running for his film depicting the life and work of RD Laing, a renowned psychiatrist who lived in Scotland. Fellow nominee Elizabeth Price, 45, from London has been put up for the prize for her trio of video installations incorporating audio and visual arts.

Penelope Curtis, Tate Britain Director and Chair of the panel, said the artists' work brings 'a kind of slowness of looking'.

She added: 'None of these works are something that you can get in a few minutes. You have to spend an hour or two to get it, whether it's film, drawing or performance.'

There has also been a 'humanity' theme underpinning all the work, according to the judges.

The public can view exhibitions of the nominees' pieces in October at Tate Britain, with the winner revealed two months later.