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A man playing a double bass entertains a child

Your future audiences need you

Five questions with Peter Helps, Chief Executive of Sinfonia Viva, about why making family-friendly art and culture is vital for the future

circus artists perform in public space

The show goes on

Our Chief Executive, Darren Henley, blogs about his first year at the Arts Council and his new book, ‘The Arts Dividend: Why Investment in Culture Pays’

A World War 1 soldier sits next to commuters on a train station bench

We Are Here

Why social media is vital to the impact of large public artworks like #wearehere.

Image captions
Top left to bottom right: 1. Photo © Sinfonia Viva / Alan Fletcher 2. Karen Poley – Bicycle Ballet. The Bureau of Silly Ideas has been awarded £150,000 as lead in a consortium also including Red Herring and KP Projects. Photo © Raysto Images 3. Open House by NoFit State Circus in Stoke-on-Trent, 2014 Photo © Appetite / Andrew Billington 4. No Credit Displaying 5. Liverpool library on National Libraries Day 2016 © Graham Lucas Commons 6. Photo courtesy of 14-18 NOW 7. 'Emil and the Detectives' by Red Earth Theatre. Photo © Red Earth Theatre / Robert Day 8. Pitt Rivers Museum. Photo © University of Oxford. 9. Scattered by Motionhouse. Photo © Chris Nash / Motionhouse 10. Gecko Theatre: Institute. Photo © Richard Haughton 11. Illustration © Arts Council England 12. Plymouth Music Zone participants making music. Photo © Plymouth Music Zone / Kevin Clifford