Artistic and Quality Assessment

Artistic and quality assessments provide a fair, robust and transparent way to discuss the quality of work produced by our funded organisations.

It is important that we gather this information, to inform funding decisions and report on how successfully we're meeting goal 1 of our strategy: "Excellence is thriving and celebrated in the arts, museums and libraries."

How do assessments work?

Assessments are carried out by external assessors. Their role is to experience a piece of work from a funded organisation (for example a show, concert, exhibition or publication) and write a report for the Arts Council assessing the quality of that work.

Assessments cover four areas: 

  • Work produced by National Portfolio Organisations
  • Work programmed by National Portfolio Organisations (i.e. produced by external artist(s) or organisation(s))
  • Participatory work by National Portfolio Organisations
  • Major Partner Museums

These assessments are shared with the arts organisations and may provide a useful context for their own conversations about quality.

    Click below to download further guidance on artistic assessment.

    Who are the assessors?

    They come from a range of backgrounds: artists, arts managers, journalists, academics, museum specialists and others. You can download their biographies below.


    Artistic and quality assessment guidance

    Artistic assessor biographies: A - D

    Artistic assessor biographies: E - H

    Artistic assessor biographies: I - L

    Artistic assessor biographies: M - P

    Artistic assessor biographies: Q - T

    Artistic assessor biographies: U - Z


    Explore our case studies

    Publicity image of Punch Records artists.

    Back to their roots

    We supported Punch Records to take four UK-based artists back to their homelands to discover their musical roots. These are their stories.

    Image captions
    Top left to bottom right: 1. Artist Development in the Creation Space. Photo © The Point. 2. Homelands Artists. Image © Punch Records. 3. The Complete Freedom of Truth, 2016 programme. Image © Robert Golden. 4. Reflecting Nature print by Mark Ware. 5. Karen Morne, Dumbleton Village Hall 6. Tea Dances with a Twist! by Plymouth Dance. Image © Kevin Clifford