Our investment from 2018: blogs and podcasts

Hear from Arts Council staff and voices from the wider arts and culture sector discussing our investment process for 2018-22

Podcast 2: Our National Portfolio decision making process

On Wednesday 1 February 2017 we closed the application portal to our 2018-22 National Portfolio. We received 1,166 applications in total, which will now go through our decision-making process. What exactly does that involve? Listen below to find out.

This discussion is chaired by Richard Russell (Chief Operating Officer, Arts and Culture) with a panel including Eddie De Souza (Director, Investment Operations and Resources), Jane Dawson (Director, Funding Programmes), John Orna-Ornstein (Director, Museums and Cambridge) and Sarah Maxfield (Director, North). 

The podcast lasts just over 20 minutes. A transcript is available at the bottom of this page. 

Podcast 1: What's new?

In July 2016 we published this podcast detailing the changes we'll be making to our 2018-22 investment process.

Chaired by Holly Wicks from research agency ComRes, pannellists include Althea Efunshile (at the time our Deupty Chief Executive), Brian Ashley (Director of Libraries), Mark Ball (Director of London International Festival of Theatre) and Matthew Tanner (Chair, Association of Independent Museums). 


Transcript: Investment 2018-22 podcast 2

Transcript: Investment 2018-22 podcast 1