Audio and audio visual content seminar

The second seminar of the Building digital capacity for the arts programme took place in July 2011. Visit the dedicated minisite for videos and audio podcasts from this seminar. 

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About the seminar

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From National Theatre Live to a short podcast interview with an artist for your website, audio and audio-visual content lies at the heart of engaging audiences, whether existing or new. 

But while all arts organisations will be expert at understanding audiences as they relate to their specific artform, how does this change when creating content for digital platforms? What should artists and arts organisations be thinking about if they want to make a short film for their website or want to make a podcast?  And how to ensure content has the best chance of being discovered by the audience once it's been made? 

With a focus on the practical aspects of making content and understanding audiences, alongside case studies of successful online audio and audio-visual content, this seminar aimed to help you through the maze.

The seminar drew on a mixture of arts sector case studies and practical discussions about skills and equipment. 

The seminar aimed to:

  • address the questions of why this content is important in reaching and engaging with audiences and how best to achieve this
  • discuss how to go about creating or commissioning content and who might be responsible for this within your organisation 

Speakers included Peter Salmon, Director BBC North; Dominic Smith, Digital Projects Manager, Tyneside Cinema; and Gez Casey, Literary Manager at Live Theatre.

Who was this seminar for?   

The audio and audio visual seminar was aimed at arts organisations from across England who wanted to make audio or audio visual content for their website and those who were already creating content, and wanted to do more.

If you would like to receive further information about this programme as it develops Register for more information.