Digital platforms: Internet TV (IPTV) and apps

The first seminar of the Building digital capacity for the arts programme took place in May 2011. You can find videos and audio podcasts from this seminar on the right-hand side of this page.

The seminar

The 'Digital platforms: internet protocol television (IPTV) and apps' seminar explored two important platforms for the distribution of content for cultural organisations. At the seminar, delegates heard from practitioners and also explored models for the cultural sector.

Speakers included Mark Dobson and Andy Hudson, NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues; Chris Thorpe, ArtFinder; and also Colin Savage and Mark Bamber, both BBC Academy trainers.

Download the full Internet TV (IPTV) and apps seminar programme 

About Internet TV

'Connected' or Internet TV delivers web-based content to the television screen and enables viewers to watch and interact with the content. There are a number of existing platforms for delivering content including: Sony Playstation; Wii; IPTV-enabled television sets; Google TV; BT Vision, Virgin Media; Sky as well as YouView, to be launched later in 2011. Internet TV offers content owners new opportunities to engage with audiences and also raises a number of issues for content creators including 'discoverability', profile, brand, business models and the creation of content. 

About apps

A huge range of apps have been developed for the smart-phone and tablet markets; while users may love them, what view should the content owners take? In this session, we explored the question of what makes an app an app, business models, commissioning and audience expectations. 

Who was the seminar for?

This seminar was for people in relatively senior roles within arts organisations and artists, who were thinking about content distribution beyond their own websites and had solid experience of producing or commissioning audio-visual content.

Other seminars

The seminar programme will continue throughout the year with further seminars exploring:

  • producing and commissioning audio visual content
  • the use and creation of digital archives
  • the monetisation of content
  • crowd-source funding and business models
  • intellectual property rights

If you would like to register your interest and find out more about this programme you can register at the dedicated minisite.