Thursday 29 November 2012

BBC Academy, White City, London, W12 7TS

Time: 10.15am - 4pm

Speakers: This workshop was led by the BBC Academy College of Production podcasting team and invited guests

About this workshop

This workshop was designed as a taster event for arts organisations and artists who want to offer audio to their audiences and to understand more about the processes involved in creating and publishing podcasts. Delegates experienced the recording of a podcast and gained an overview of the technical and editorial processes, followed by case studies and the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of podcasting and how to make them happen.

The workshop aimed to: 

  • introduce delegates to the process of planning, scripting and recording a podcast
  • equip delegates with an overview of recording, editing and publishing tools
  • offer delegates an understanding of the potential of podcasting
  • encourage delegates to connect with each other during the course of the day and to use the relationships developed to support future activity

Delegates were encouraged to share their own experiences and work together to build skills and knowledge.

Who was this workshop suitable for?

This workshop was suitable for people working within arts organisations, museums, galleries and for practising artists who want to create audio work or to use podcasting to support their work.

Workshop outline

10.15am     Introduction to the Workshop and read through of scripts in advance of  recording
   Delegates sit in on recording
   Creating a podcast: discussion with the BBC Academy team
 1pm           Lunch and networking with fellow delegates
   Case studies
   Planning, recording, editing and publishing a podcast 
   Q&A and round up
 4pm  End 

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