Emerging business models for the digital environment

Tuesday 20 March 2012, 1.00pm - 5.30pm

Central St Martins College of Art and Design

'Nobody has yet made a business that will generate cash. But I don't think we're far away from that. Eventually somebody did climb Everest. Eventually somebody did run the four-minute mile. Eventually somebody will start making money out of digital [music]'

-Steve Purdham, Co-founder and Chief Executive, We7, The Guardian, 27 February 2012 

This is the challenge that the arts sector is faced with. It's difficult to see that anyone has all of the answers, or even some of them, but sharing experiences and exploring possibilities might help us to establish base camp. Come and join the debate.

About this seminar

This seminar was aimed at arts organisations and artists across England who are grappling with the disruption to existing business models caused by digital platforms and who aspire to be on the front foot rather than the back. The seminar drew on a mixture of talks, case studies and discussions about the challenges and opportunities associated with identifying sustainable business models within a rapidly changing environment.

The seminar aimed to:

  • share insights into the key elements of business models and how it might be possible to do things differently
  • share thinking around new ways of engaging with the audience and working collaboratively

Speakers included:

  • Mel Norman, Theme champion for business models and growth, Creativektn
  • Marcus Romer, Artistic Director, Pilot Theatre (by Skype)
  • Jane Finnis, Director, Culture24
  • Hen Norton, Co Founder, WeDidThis

Chair: Michael Nutley, Interactive Media Consultant and writer 

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Who was this seminar for?

This seminar was suitable for people working within arts organisations and artists. Delegates were asked to be actively thinking about their business model and how they might engage differently within a different environment. Delegates were at director level within their organisations.

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