Monitoring acknowledgement

You should feature the grant award logo/Lottery grant award logo (or a written acknowledgement, if you have agreed this in advance with your regional communications team) on all information, marketing and publicity materials relating to the activity we have agreed to fund, including print and online materials. 

The guidelines are part of our monitoring procedures. Appropriate acknowledgement of our support will be assessed throughout the duration of your funding. This is part of our compliance monitoring procedures, as outlined in your funding agreement. Not acknowledging our support is a breach of our terms and conditions and may affect your grant payments and/or any other future activity for which you request funding.

Where we consider our grant support to be substantial, we reserve the right to request that we are shown all the communications materials that you produce.

If you have any queries please contact us or discuss this with your Relationship Manager.

Terms and conditions of acknowledging our support

The terms and conditions which follow set out information about the use of our logos and what your responsibilities are in using them.

You must acknowledge your grant award appropriately and comply with Arts Council England's guidelines, or any future version of the guidelines which we communicate to you.

  1. Arts Council England Lottery 'crossed fingers' logo, together with the words 'The National Lottery' are owned by the National Lottery Commission ('the Commission'). The Commission is responsible for licensing and regulating the National Lottery. It aims to ensure the integrity of the National Lottery, to protect players and to maximise the funds that can be paid out in grants.
  2. Permission to use the grant award logo and Lottery grant award logo is specific to the funded activity and may not be transferred to another activity, person or organisation.
  3. For lottery funded activities we will share information about you and your project with the National Lottery Commission to enable it to monitor your compliance with the guidelines and to take appropriate action should you breach its terms.
  4. If your permission ends, you must stop using the grant award logo/Lottery grant award logo immediately.
  5. We reserve the right to end your permission immediately, to use the grant award logo/the Lottery grant award logo with immediate effect:
  • if our own permission from the Commission terminates
  • if you do not comply with the guidelines
  • if your grant from the National Lottery funds or from Arts Council England is withdrawn, suspended or terminated