Standard conditions for grants

The standard conditions for grants set out the legal relationship between Arts Council England and those who receive the Arts Council's grant funding.

The conditions apply to all Grants for the Arts and Managed Funds grants given by the Arts Council, and should be read along with other documents that set out the responsibilities of grant recipients (including the legally-binding grant guidance found on this site which is applicable to grants made before 1 November 2010). 


Standard conditions for grants

If you would like a copy of the standard conditions applicable to grants made before 1 November 2006, please contact our Legal Services Team at

Note: Different conditions apply for other grants such as capital or regular funding.

If you need a copy of any Standard conditions in an alternative format, please contact us on 0845 300 6200.

Legally-binding grant guidance

In addition to the standard conditions for grants, those who receive grants from the Arts Council must also meet all responsibilities set out in the legally-binding grant guidance relevant to the funded activity.

Diversity and equal opportunities
You should follow best practice in this area by referring to the Commission for Equality and Human Rights and any other relevant organisation.

Safeguarding: protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults
Please also read our guidance on protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults. 



Protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults.