Eligibility: who could apply

To be eligible for funding, organisations had to meet the following criteria:

1. they had to be able to contribute towards achieving two or more of our five goals. (There is information on our goals and priorities and in our 10-year strategic framework for the arts Achieving great art for everyone.)

2. they had to apply for a minimum annual award of £40,000

3. they had to engage people in England in arts activities or help artists and arts organisations in England to carry out their work. ('Engaging in arts activities' could include attending an arts event, taking part in an arts activity, or creating a work of art)

4. the programme of activity which our funding would support had to mainly benefit artists or audiences in England

5. they had to be based in the United Kingdom

6. we did not accept applications from individuals in a personal capacity. Applicants had to be properly constituted as an organisation. The kinds of organisations which were eligible to apply included:

  • limited companies registered at Companies House (including individuals trading as a Limited Company)
  • Community Interest Companies registered with the CIC Regulator
  • charities or Trusts registered with the Charity Commission
  • limited Liability Partnerships registered at Companies House
  • partnerships established under a Deed of Partnership
  • industrial and Provident Societies or Community Benefit Societies subject to regulation by the FSA
  • Royal Charter companies
  • statutory bodies

7. we accepted applications from organisations working in partnership. One organisation had to take the lead, having responsibility for managing the application and being responsible for any grant awarded. If applicants were successful, they may have been asked to provide us with a copy of a written agreement with their partners.

Who could not apply

Organisations could not apply if they were:

1. an organisation based outside of the United Kingdom

2. an individual, unless they applied as a director of their own company. We did not accept applications from people applying in a purely personal capacity

3. applying for funding for activities that do not mainly benefit artists or audiences in England

4. applying for activities that are not related to the arts

5. applying for funding for activities which are aimed at making a profit to be distributed to members or shareholders