Alongside the Major partner museums programme, we will support the museums sector through three new Strategic funding programmes. 

Please note: the following figures are indicative as of July 2014. An update to these pages will be made in Spring 2015

Museums open fund

The museums open fund will be an open application programme for project funding with a focus on building resilience in the museums sector. The fund will open to applications in October 2014, and is expected to offer grants of between £30,000 and £300,000 for periods of one to three years. 

We will invest at least £10 million per year in this programme per year during 2015-18

A national Museums development network

We want to ensure we are supporting the broadest possible range of museums. We will ensure high-quality advice for all Accredited museums in England through a comprehensive programme of museum development.

We will invest £3 million per year in this programme during 2015-18

National projects and programmes

We will continue working on national initiatives such as the Arts Council/V&A Purchase Grant Fund, the Designation development fund and Subject specialist networks, as well as support for Accreditation, Designation and statutory functions.

We will invest £4.2 million per year in these programmes during 2015-18