The following Strategic funding programmes address our goals of:

  • ensuring the sector is financially resilient and environmentally sustainable
  • ensuring the leadership and workforce of the sector are diverse and highly-skilled

There is a cross-over in terms of the intended impact of Strategic funds under these two goals; therefore we will address them together.

Please note: the following figures are indicative as of July 2014. An update to these pages will be made in Spring 2015

Capital - large and small scale (including Creative media: digital capital)

A Capital investment programme will support organisations to develop resilience by giving them the right buildings and equipment to deliver their work, and to become more sustainable and resilient businesses.

Digital capital funding (as part of small scale capital funding) will further develop digital infrastructure for the sector, contributing to major collaborative digital marketing and customer relationship management systems; digital technology as part of a live offer (such as screens on stage); and infrastructure for digital content distribution (such as digitising collections). 

We will allocate £88 million to large scale Capital for 2015-18.

We will allocate £32.5 million to small scale Capital (including Creative media: digital capital funding) for 2015-18.

Catalyst and fundraising

Our support to enable arts and cultural organisations to build fundraising capacity through the Catalyst programme is creating a step-change in the way that arts leaders and boards consider their fundraising efforts. The programme will be evaluated and will inform the plans for 2015-18 – at this stage we do not anticipate a second endowment scheme being offered.

Future funds will be used to support:

  • a match fund and capacity building programme, targeted at small and midscale organisations, and outside of central London, which may include digital learning such as addressing CRM needs
  • the professionalisation of arts fundraising through a dedicated training and support programme
  • support for new fundraising models such as crowd funding if and when our support might make a material difference
  • advocacy to and best practice in engaging the business and corporate sector post-recession
  • data collection and evaluation to set and monitor benchmarks

We will allocate £26 million to this fund for 2015-18.

Catalyst: Evolve

This January we opened a new £17.5m funding programme which will build on our Catalyst investments.  Catalyst: Evolve will support organisations that have a limited track record in fundraising to enable them to attract more private giving.  To find more information about the fund and how to apply, download the guidelines here.

Access to finance

Creative United, an independent Community Interest Company, runs three programmes, Own Art, Take It Away and Creative Industry Finance. These contribute to making the arts sector more sustainable, resilient and innovative by allowing the sector to grow their business models through access to finance. 

We will allocate £3.5 million to this fund in the period 2015-18.

Resilience and leadership

Our resilience and leadership funding will encompass a number of initiatives, including work with local enterprise partnerships, cultural tourism partners, creative industries and social investment models. We will also support skills, governance and leadership development and environmental sustainability. 

We will allocate £14.4 million to resilience and leadership funding in 2015-18.

Workforce development

We will allocate £4 million to workforce development in the period 2015-18. This will build on the evaluation of the Creative employment programme.