Here you can find frequently asked questions on our Strategic funding investment for 2015-18. 

You can also see specific FAQs on National portfolio and Bridges, Major partner museums and general investment queries. 

FAQs: Strategic funds 2015-18

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When will the strategic funding programmes be open?

The Strategic funding programmes will open at different stages although it is likely that most will open in Autumn 2014. Please see here for more detail. 

Will National portfolio organisations still be able to apply for Strategic funds?

National portfolio organisations will also be eligible to apply for funds from various strategic programmes that Arts Council England develop over the 2015-2018 period Strategic funds, just as they can now.

Will National portfolio organisations be able to apply for Grants for the arts?

Organisations receiving National portfolio funding will not be eligible to apply to Grants for the arts. However, a National portfolio organisation can be part of an artist or partnership led Grants for the arts application (though not as a lead applicant) where activity is clearly demonstrated as additional to their National portfolio organisation funding agreement. National portfolio organisations may eligible for other strategic funds which come on line for the 2015-2018 funding period.

Current National portfolio organisations that are unsuccessful in applying for National portfolio funding or decide not to apply, may apply for Grants for the arts funding after 1 July 2014 for activity that will take place no earlier than 1 April 2015.

Further details about Grants for the arts and about how we intend to deploy our strategic programmes can be found on our website. 

Should some organisations in the National portfolio to move to a different relationship with Arts Council England through Grants for the arts?

Some organisations may decide that National portfolio funding is less suitable for them than another funding programmes. Grants for the arts may be more suitable for some organisations to consider. That’s why we plan to announce the majority of funding programmes that will be open during 2015-18 in January - so that organisations can make these decisions upfront.

When can we apply for Grants for the arts?

Grants for the arts is a rolling programme of applications. You can read about this programme in further detail here.  

As part of the Arts Council’s work to reduce administration costs we will be introducing a new grants management system in October 2014. In order to prepare for this new system it will be necessary to suspend applications to Grants for the arts for one month - September 2014. Applications can resume in October 2014. More information, including advice on when to submit your Grants for the arts application, will be available soon.

Will there be any impact on Libraries funding?

Arts Council England has a budget associated with our development role. The £6 million Grants for the arts will continue to be ring fenced for libraries. We don’t anticipate a significant change in our level of funding for library development. Further details around our development funding for libraries will be announced later in the year.

Can National youth music orchestras apply?

Organisations that deliver quality opportunities and support for young musicians should consider applying for National portfolio organisation funding for 2015-2018, ensuring their application meets the criteria and adheres to the guidance. We are continuing to talk to the DfE about their funding of National youth music orchestras as part of a broader conversation about our shared cultural education interests.

Can Music education hubs apply for National portfolio organisation funding?

Organisations who are part of, or are the Lead Organisation for, a Music education hub may apply for National portfolio organisation funding provided they meet the eligibility criteria set out in the guidance for applicants. Applicants should carefully read the guidance and ensure they are able to meet the requirements of the programme.