Activities likely to be open to a larger number of organisations (‘Open access funds’)

We want to ensure that organisations have the right buildings and equipment to deliver their work through capital investment, helping them to become more sustainable and resilient businesses.  The next round of our capital programme will open in Summer 2014, and we propose to concentrate this on renovations and improvement to existing buildings, rather than on new builds, ensuring also that we can respond to proposals to increase revenue.

We expect to allocate a significant sum to capital investment during 2014-18 but we anticipate it will be a lower figure that the £243.6M we invested over 2011- 2014.

We will build on our Catalyst programme, which over 2014-18 may include a funding programme open to a large number of applicants -  or might possibly a mix of open access funding and targeted commissioned grants. It will continue to support arts and cultural organisations to build fundraising capacity and creating a step change in the way that arts leaders and Boards consider their fundraising efforts.

Alongside Catalyst, we will also support arts and culture organisations to look differently at their income generation, business models and overall resilience, funding them, for example, to address environmental efficiencies and to explore new models of investment.

Funding likely be relevant to only a smaller group of applicants (‘Targeted commissioned grants’)

We will build on the success of the Creative employment programme to support: skills development within the sector (for example, digital skills, business skills, commercial exploitation development); leadership development (building on the outcomes of the Clore Leadership grant, currently underway) and improving entry routes into arts and culture professions. We will also explore match funding opportunities from other sources.

We will fund one organisation to deliver consumer credit and business development support, making it easy and affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art and craft, helping more young people to get involved in learning and playing music, and supporting a wide range of micro, small and medium scale creative enterprises to adapt and develop their business plans with a view to accessing non-grant finance or investment.

Our updated strategy, Great art and culture for everyone, reinforces our on-going commitment to research and evaluation. Our research programme for 2015-18 will establish a new research grants programme that will build a stronger evidence base around the value, impacts and benefits of engagement in arts and culture.