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The National portfolio 2015-18 by Area

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The North contains some of England’s most exciting and ambitious arts and cultural organisations working to push forward artistic practice, to engage audiences and participants and to collaborate with other organisations nationally and internationally.

The richness of the arts and culture in the North is embodied in the National portfolio for the North: we are consolidating a network of organisations across artforms, and sustaining their ability to deliver programmes of ambition and quality.

In the new portfolio, we have strengthened the North’s distinctive festival offer, have continued our support of organisations that raise the international profile of the area, and have built on the existing world class clusters of organisations that exist across the North. We have maintained and enhanced our investment in organisations producing work for, by and with children and young people. Our investment helps build Hull’s capacity as it prepares for its year as City of Culture in 2017.

  • The North has three Bridge organisations
  • The North has 185 National portfolio organisations
  • The North has eight Major partner museums
  • Total investment in the North is £211.5 million

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In the Midlands we are investing in an ambitious and exciting portfolio of organisations that reflects the wealth of creative talent the Midlands has to offer. Some of these organisations take great art and culture into the heart of their local communities; others to audiences across the whole country.

The quality and range of these organisations reflects the area’s vibrant cultural offer across all art forms, including combined arts, dance, literature, museums, music, theatre and visual arts.

Four new National portfolio organisations and two new Major partner museums have been introduced and will increase artistic ambition and widen our reach across the Midlands.

  • The Midlands has 85 National portfolio organisations
  • There are two Bridge organisations in the Midlands
  • The Midlands also has four Major partner museums
  • Total investment in this Area is £184.4 million

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South East

Across the South East we have maintained an artistically diverse portfolio; with some world renowned as well as cutting edge organisations. In this portfolio, we have achieved greater reach and engagement across the area, including increased investment in rural areas and places of low engagement. Overall we have maintained a strong children and young people’s offer across the South East.

We have maintained our investment across artforms, including dance, theatre, music, literature, combined arts and visual arts, all supporting both talent development and artistic quality. 

  • The South East has 70 National portfolio organisations
  • The total National portfolio investment in the South East is £91.5 million
  • The South East has four Major partner museums with an investment of £14.4 million
  • The South East has three Bridge organisations

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Our investment in London addresses three areas: the international, the national and the local. The portfolio will offer continued stability and new opportunities for a cohort of organisations which represent the backbone of London and also the English arts and cultural ecology.

The new portfolio offers artistic development, audience development, substantial employment and the continuation of our global reputation for producing and showcasing great art and culture.

The strong and vibrant artistic community and infrastructure makes the London portfolio a national hub for a large number of touring companies or organisations that reach audiences across the country and across all artforms. 

  • London has 245 National portfolio organisations
  • Total invesment in these organisations in London is £481.9 million
  • London has two Major partner museums with an investment of £6.1 million
  • London has one Bridge organisation

To find out more, visit our London Area pages.

South West

The new portfolio in the South West reflects the high achievement and excellent work done by current National portfolio organisations and Major partner museums, as well as seeing strong growth where we have invested in developing and strengthening local cultural sectors. Some organisations joining the portfolio have developed as a result of strong partnership working with local authority and higher education partners, where joint planning and investment has seen culture flourish.

Many organisations in the South West are doing strong work developing new talent and engaging with people from communities with less opportunity to enjoy the arts. We have also seen strength in depth from organisations contributing to the Creative case for diversity and in opportunities for children and young people. Museums in the South West are particularly strong, showing that excellence can thrive in museums at the heart of their communities and in rural areas.

  • The South West has 83 National portfolio organisations including one Bridge organisation
  • The South West has three Major partner museums
  • The total investment in the South West is £59.9 million for 2015/18

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