In January 2014 we announced the total amount we will invest in arts and culture over the period 2015-18, through the National portfolio, Major partner museums, Strategic funds, museum development and Grants for the arts programmes.

The amount of money we will receive from the government (our ‘grant-in-aid’ budget) is only confirmed for 2015-16, but we want to set out our total investment approach over a three-year period to allow individuals and organisations to plan for the longer term. Consequently, amounts for 2016-18 are indicative pending our settlement from government.

Full forecast for 2015/16

The arts budget for 2015/16 includes three main funding streams:

  • National portfolio for arts organisations programme budget of £271 million of grant-in-aid and approximately  £60 million of National Lottery funding
  • an increase to the Grants for the arts budget to £70 million Lottery funding to support individual artists, community and cultural organisations
  • a Strategic fund budget of £127 million Lottery funding to support the wider development of arts organisations, participants and audiences across England

The museums budget for 2015/16 will also include three main grant- in-aid funding streams:

  • Major partner museums will increase to £21.5 million per annum in 2015/16 to encourage a greater geographical spread
  • in keeping with arts funding, the museums strategic budget will work alongside MPM funding to target particular challenges, opportunities or gaps.
  • for the first time a new open access grants fund will invite applications from museums to support diversity and the development of resilience in the sector at a time of enormous change. These funds will total £20.5 million.