There are a number of different marketing methods you can explore when promoting your activity. Have a look at our marketing mix document to see the pros and cons of each method.

You will probably want to use a selection of marketing methods that best fit your activity and the audience you are trying to attract or engage with. It is important not to think of each of the channels independently, but to use them to sign post to others eg using links to your website on your social media, or mentioning where you can find images of the rehearsal the director has just blogged about. Visitors' reviews can be just as powerful as journalists and critics so don't forget to use these too!

Case studies

Sagar and Campbell used their blog as a way of keeping a diary of their The Chandelier of Lost Earrings activity so people could keep up to date with its progress. Through networking with one of their partners, Lime Arts, they managed to get some professional photography for free to help illustrate their work. 

The Charlie F Project wanted to get soldiers to come see their play, so contacted groups associated with the military and told them about the play in an accessible manner, offered special ticket deals and distributed flyers in places the military frequent. They also approached charities dealing with mental health and disabilities, following the same process. This resulted in 50 per cent of their audiences being made up of non-theatre going audiences.