Getting the right picture

An image can sometimes speak a thousand words. And often, an eye-catching or interesting picture can get you the coverage you need.


  • make sure individuals are looking towards the camera
  • for action shots, ensure the image is eye-catching, well-lit and bright. Dark images don't look good in print media

You may want to invite photographers down to see your activity. Highlight if you have a special guest coming to visit your activity. Whatever the occasion, make sure you send this request to journalists, picture desks and freelance photographers with enough notice.

Copyright and permissions

Copyright is the exclusive right of the person who has produced the image to use and distribute it. You will need to get the permission of the person who has taken the photograph in writing to use it for promoting your activity.

Sharing your story on social networks

If you have social networking accounts, make the most of these. Use them to develop your story further - post teaser images perhaps, or backstage videos. Creating your own content is another useful way to draw attention to your activity not only from audiences, but also from journalists trawling social networks for stories - see our social media guide for more info.