How do you get your local papers to write about your activity? How do you get your local radio station to come down and interview you? How do you get people talking about your activity on Twitter?

What is your story?

What all media outlets want is a story. The type of story they want depends slightly on the media channel - for instance, radio needs sounds to record rather than images to look at, blogs may want a more local angle and to discuss how your activity impacts your local community.

The main elements of a story are usually much the same:

1)    it needs to have something new or different about it
2)    it needs to be interesting
3)    for local media in particular, there needs to be a local angle

For a really compelling news story, think TRUTH:

T = timely/topical - what other news can you link to?
R = relevant (to the media outlet/audience)
U = unusual
T = trouble (journalists will pull out any controversial issues so be prepared for this)
H = human interest - why would you stop and read this story?

This puts you in a very good position. Your activity can provide all of these, from striking images, interesting videos for online publications, to artists talking about themselves and their work, as long as you present it in the right way.