We've put together some helpful tips and resources for funding recipients who are new to marketing and others with little experience in promoting their work.

We hope this information will help you:

  • think of ways to promote your activity
  • get people talking about your activity on social media
  • write a press release and gain media coverage for your activity

We've pulled this advice from a number of sources with the main aim to help you generate positive coverage for your activity including press attention and covers some marketing elements.

The benefits of effectively promoting your activity are:

  • increasing awareness of what you are doing to get as many people to come and experience your activity as possible
  • helping us show what good causes the public's Lottery money is spent on and how it brings great art and vibrancy to their communities

Your work is a great advertisement for public funding for the arts

By increasing people's understanding they are more likely to support Lottery funding of good causes including the arts.

The most effective way for us to do this is by showing what artists achieve when they do receive a grant - and we need to make it clear that many of these activities were only made possible through public funding.

Our advocacy toolkit can help you further demonstrate the value of public investment in arts and culture. It contains infographics and tips on working with MPs and how to create a public value web page.