Bridge organisations

As a Bridge organisation that is in receipt of National portfolio funding, please use the following Lottery grant award logo to acknowledge your funding.

Download the Lottery grant award logo

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Please read our detailed logo guidelines carefully to make sure you are acknowledging our support correctly or contact your Relationship Manager for further information. Our checklist details all the different printed and online materials where the Lottery grant award logo should feature. 

Bridge organisation's strapline

The following strapline was selected by the bridge organisation task group to describe the role of Bridge organisations:

Connecting young people with great arts and culture

Please use this strapline with flexibility across all communications both online and offline.

If you would like to use this strapline and your funding acknowledgement logo in a lock-up format, please download it below:

Download the Lottery grant award bridge logo:

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Standard text for Bridge organisations to use (boiler plates)

The following statements are provided as a point of reference and can be used with flexibility as and when needed. The first statement describes who bridge organisations are and the second details why the Arts Council are working with bridge organisations

  1. (X organisation) is part of a national network of 10 Bridge organisations. We are funded by Arts Council England to use our experience and expertise to regionally connect children and young people, schools and communities with art and culture. 
  2. The Arts Council believes that every child and young person should have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts and culture.

Key messages

If you would like to incorporate key messages into copy, please find a list of messages below:

  • Bridge organisations facilitate networks across the arts, culture and education to ensure an ongoing dialogue
  • Bridge organisations act as the first point of contact for schools that are developing their arts and cultural offer
  • Bridge organisations help schools identify and access the right arts and cultural opportunities
  • Bridge organisations help other arts and cultural organisations, including museums and libraries, to bring the cultural experiences that they offer to more children and young people

Terms and conditions

For further information about grant acknowledgement, please read our terms and conditions which provide information about the use of our logos and your responsibilities.