If you have been awarded a grant via our resilience development programme pilot, you must acknowledge our support by using our grant award logo.

By accepting your grant award, you have made a commitment to acknowledge our support publicly by using our grant award logo on all your related information, publicity and marketing materials and in accordance to our grant award logo guidelines. Our checklist details all the different printed and online materials where the grant award logo should feature. 

Download the grant award logo:

Format   File size  Download logos   
 EPS  500kb  Black White 
 JPEG  550kb  Black White 
 PNG  24kb  Black White 

Work with us

We would like you to work with us to campaign for arts and culture, contributing to key promotional and publicity activities. This might include joint media relations work or providing us with images, text, audio and/or audio-visual materials that we can use to demonstrate artistic excellence and increase attendance and participation. Contact your area communications team to get involved in helping us promote the arts and culture.  

Terms and conditions

For further information about grant acknowledgement, please read our terms and conditions which provide information about the use of our logos and your responsibilities.