In addition to the How to apply guidance we also publish information sheets that offer guidance on particular aspects of applying for Grants for the arts. These information sheets complement the how to apply guidance but do not replace it.

  • Applications relating to music education hubs - PDF Word
  • Artists film and the moving image - PDF Word
  • Audience development and marketing - PDF Word
  • Bank details form - PDF Word
  • Bank details guidance - PDF Word
  • Building projects enquiry form - PDF Word
  • Capital applications - PDF Word
  • Carnival arts - PDF Word
  • Children, young people and learning - PDF Word
  • Communication and access needs - PDF Word
  • Creative media and digital activity - PDF Word
  • Educational grants to individuals - PDF Word
  • Example budgets - PDF Word
  • Excess income and underspends - PDF Word
  • Freedom of Information Act - PDF Word
  • How to pay artists - PDF Word
  • How we give advice on Grants for the arts - PDF Word
  • International activity - PDF Word
  • Libraries information sheet - PDF Word
  • Literature information sheet - PDF Word
  • Museums and Grants for the arts - PDF Word
  • Music recordings and labels - PDF Word
  • Musical instruments and second hand equipment - PDF Word
  • Operating vehicles - PDF Word
  • Payment conditions - PDF Word
  • Permission to make a time sensitive application - PDF Word 
  • Public engagement - PDF Word
  • Research and development (R&D) activities - PDF Word
  • Repeat activities, ongoing overheads and salaries - PDF Word
  • Self evaluation - PDF Word
  • Support in kind - PDF Word
  • Touring information sheet - PDF Word
  • Understanding the appraisal process - PDF Word

We aim to make regular improvements to our guidance materials. This means we may update the content of these sheets or introduce new information sheets, from time to time. 

We have tried to make sure that the information we give is correct. We do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to anyone for loss or damage caused by mistakes or omissions in the information we provide, whether these mistakes or omissions are caused by negligence, accident or any other reason.

We do not endorse or recommend any of the organisations that we mention in this information.