My application was not recommended for funding

Your decision letter will highlight the main reason(s) that your application was unsuccessful.

We advise unsuccessful applicants to re-read the How to apply guidance and any relevant information sheets, which explain what we look for in an application and contain lots of guidance and advice.

The information sheet Understanding how we appraise applications explains how we make decisions.

You may also find it helpful to watch this video, which explains what happens after you apply:

Grants for the arts: after you apply


We hope that although you have been unsuccessful on this occasion, you found the Grants for the arts application process worthwhile, and can use this feedback to help you to make a more effective application in future.

You can apply again at any time, but any new application for the same activity must address the reasons that the original application was not successful. We will not be able to consider any reapplications that have not addressed this.

Addressing feedback provided will not guarantee that a future application will be successful.

If you would like to discuss your application further, please contact us on 0845 300 6200.