We are committed to helping applicants better understand the rationale behind our decisions.

Your decision letter will clearly state the main reason(s) we did not awarded funding and this guidance intends to help you understand our decision.

These pages aim to explain the main reasons that an application to Grants for the arts may be considered ineligible, high risk or not recommended for funding.

You can apply again to Grants for the arts at any time; however we will not be able to assess repeat applications that have not dealt with the reasons why they were not successful the first time.

How we appraise applications

We have designed Grants for the arts to allow us to make fair decisions. We are also committed to being open and honest with you about how we appraise your application. For complete details, please read the information sheet, Understanding the appraisal process (PDF, Word).

Complaints procedure

If you are not happy with the way we dealt with your application, please contact us and we will discuss this with you. If you are still unhappy, you can ask us for a copy of our complaints procedure.

Please note that you can only complain if you believe we have not followed our published procedures when processing your application. You cannot appeal against the decision.