If your application is successful, you will receive an offer pack in the post. Please use the reference given at the top of your offer letter when you communicate with us. If you have any questions, please contact us on 0845 300 6200.

Your payment schedule for the grant

Your offer letter will contain a payment schedule that tells you how we will pay the grant. Payments are conditional on us receiving and approving any additional monitoring information (or 'payment conditions') we have asked for within your offer letter. For more detail on payment conditions and how to meet them, please see our information sheet, ‘Payment conditions’.

Please note that the dates listed in the payment schedule refer to when we expect you to submit the information to meet the relevant conditions, and do not indicate when we will send a payment. After you meet all the conditions for each payment, it will normally take 15 working days for us to process and release the funds. If any of the dates listed are unrealistic, you should contact us so we can amend our records.

Accepting the grant

To accept our grant offer you must sign and return a signed copy of your offer letter within one month to show that you accept the conditions of our grant offer. You must also provide us with your bank details using theform provided. 

Please note that although Grants for the arts is our Lottery-funded grant programme, we are currently funding some projects using our Grant in Aid funds. Your offer letter will explain how your activity will be funded and how you should acknowledge your Arts Council England grant/Grant in aid funding in any press release, interview, public statement or event speech that is related to the project we are funding.

Reporting to us on your activity

Grantholders should be aware that Arts Council England conducts checks on a sample of applications every year to ensure that our funding is being used appropriately. We reserve the right to ask grantholders for access to all their documentation relating to their activity, and therefore you should keep clear records of project management and financial records for us to access when required.

  • Interim report - Grants for £15,000 or more

During your activity, you will be asked to complete an interim report form in order to release a payment part way through their activity. This will be shown on your payment schedule. Please note that interim report forms cannot currently be submitted online.

  • Activity report form - all applicants

After your activity has finished, you must complete an activity report form. When we have received and checked your completed activity report form, we can process your final payment.

If you applied online you will need to complete your activity report form online. Once you have accepted this grant a link to the form will appear in your online portal account. This form will remain visible until your activity has ended.

If you did not apply online please contact us via , or 0845 300 6200.

Please read the information sheet on Excess income and underspends carefully before filling in this form.

Our Terms and Conditions for grants specify that you must use the grant exclusively for the activity described in your application form. We are therefore unable to allow you to keep any part of our funding for activity that is not related to the activity we originally funded. If you have any questions relating to this, please contact us before submitting your Activity report form at grant.management@artscouncil.org.uk

Acknowledging our funding

You must acknowledge your Arts Council England grant / National lottery funding in any press release, interview, public statement or event speech that is related to the project we are funding. You must also use the Lottery grant award logo according to our guidelines. Please visit the Grant award logo pages of our website.