These pages are for commissioned arts organisations to produce work for The Space. Here you can download:

  1. The Space Arts Partner Mark logos for application to digital and print collateral
  2. the brand guidelines
  3. the publicity guidelines
  4. the video credit guidelines

The Space Arts Partner Mark - why it's important

We ask you to please follow these guidelines as part of your terms and conditions. We need your help to drive audiences to experience your work on The Space. This will make your work a success, and help demonstrate the audience appetite for more funding of commissions for this new venture.

This means we'd like you to promote not just your arts event or production, but the experience of your work on The Space. We'd also like you to promote The Space itself, in order to build audiences for the platform as a whole, and therefore your work.

This partnership marketing is key to the success of The Space. Tapping into our combined customer bases will be very powerful. Consistency in our messaging will strengthen the public's awareness and excitement and reduce any confusion.

There are guidelines for both the Arts Partner Mark and grant award acknowledgement funding, please ensure you have read and understood them before applying any acknowledgement to your work and marketing collateral. 

The Space Arts Partner Mark

The Arts Partner Mark can be used to direct audiences to experience your work on The Space. It is designed to drive audiences to your work on the new service, indicate what The Space is, and where to find it.

We therefore encourage you to give this mark visibility and appropriate positioning within your creative, separate from the line of funding and supporter credits. Aside from this there is no fixed position within any given design other than wherever possible it sits tab-like, anywhere against the right hand edge of a design.

Where the background design is very detailed and obscures the dark or light versions of the The Partner Mark plain black or white versions should be used.

There are three different formats of the Arts Partner Mark:

  • print - which includes The Space url
  • print ready - which includes a 3mm bleed for materials that will be trimmed by a printer
  • digital - which does not include the url as you are expected to hyperlink it to your page on The Space or The Space homepage

Download the Arts Partner Mark logo

Use Format   File size  Download file  
Print PNG 53KB Dark Light
Print PNG 44KB Black White
Print AI 95KB Dark Light
Print EPS 314KB Black White
Print ready PNG 59KB Dark Light
Print ready PNG 48KB Black White
Print ready AI 80KB Dark Light
Print ready EPS 340KB Black White
Digital PNG 14KB Dark Light

The Space Arts Partner Badge

In extreme circumstances, where the paper size is particularly small and the Arts Partner Mark would be smaller than its minimum size of 20mm in print or 90pixels online (see guildelines for more information), The Space Arts Partner Badge should be used.

Use Format    File size  Download file  
Print EPS 280KB Black White
Print PNG 15KB Black White
Digital PNG 3KB Black White

Download front and end credits for commissions for The Space

Why it's important to acknowledge funding support

A condition of the public's support for public funding for arts and culture is knowing where and how their money is being spent. This is why using an acknowledgement logo is a condition of receiving your grant award. Your work is the best advertisement for public funding that there is.

Only artists, and arts and culture organisations in receipt of support from us can use our acknowledgement logos. We hope you will use it widely and regard it as visual recognition of your success.

To download grant award acknowledgement logos, please visit the funding logos page. Our checklist details all the different printed and online materials where The Space and grant award acknowledgement logos should feature. 

If you have queries about The Space branding or logos please email

If you have a query about using any grant award logo please email

Further information on accessibility, compliance and other technical information regarding your commission are available to download from our webpages