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Well London

  • Date: 21 August 2009
  • Artform: None
  • Area: London
PINS X Well London. Photo: Bhupinder Ghata-Aura / PINS at PINS X Well London. Photo: Bhupinder Ghata-Aura / PINS at

Well London aims to improve the health and well being of 20 of London’s most disadvantaged communities.

According to Professor Sue Atkinson’s 2006 report into health inequalities in London, Where Are We Now?, each tube stop on the Jubilee line from Westminster to Canning Town represents nearly one year of life expectancy lost for its communities.

To target these discrepancies across the capital, Well London embarks on a three-year project to empower local communities to take the lead in improving their health and everyday environment. As part of the Well London alliance, Arts Council England is leading a campaign putting art at the centre of a healthy lifestyle scheme called Be Creative Be Well.

By using arts and creativity, communities will improve their local parks and open spaces, enhance their mental well being and explore different ways to get physically active.

This programme has been awarded £1.2 million to fund arts activities across Well London areas. The aim of Be Creative Be Well is to ensure that all funded projects are sustainable beyond the programme, building on existing resources and creative projects in the area.

Well London was awarded £9.46 million from the Big Lottery Fund’s £164 million Well Being programme.

We have now completed our final round of commissioning for the 20 Well London areas.

For more information, visit the Well London website