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Teaching Outside the Classroom

  • Date: 4 March 2008
  • Artform: All
  • Area: National

Student teachers urged to ‘teach outside the classroom’

Jim Knight, Minister for Schools has called for new teachers to be offered the opportunity to teach and learn in settings other than schools as an integral part of their training.

The Minister welcomed the launch of Teaching Outside the Classroom, a new national programme which will encourage providers of teacher training to offer their students placements in a diverse range of educational settings, including field studies centres, galleries, museums, sports centres and young offenders institutions launched on 4 March.

These placements will complement their existing teaching practices in schools, developing their knowledge and skills about how to work with partners to bring teaching outside the classroom.

The programme will offer a comprehensive package of support, including bespoke guidance, for providers and settings who wish to develop inspiring, creative placements for student teachers.

Teaching Outside the Classroom is being developed by Creative Partnerships in partnership with:

  • CapeUK
  • the Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA)
  • the DCSF Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto (LOtC)
  • the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA).

For guidance and resources and to register your interest in the programme, visit the website at or contact us at