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The Space: Tongue Fu Flicks

  • Date: 25 July 2013
  • Artform: None
  • Area: National
Poet Shane Solanki performing in the Tongue Fu band Poet Shane Solanki performing in the Tongue Fu band, photographer: Briony Campbell

Over four months live literature producer Renaissance One and the producers of Tongue Fu (a lively spoken word night) worked on a live recording event at The Albany in Deptford. Six poets were commissioned to perform in front of an audience to an improvised soundtrack from the Tongue Fu Band.

The gig was filmed by four cameras and the material was then edited into a series of interpretations of each poem. A media player was designed to plug into The Space, allowing viewers to choose how they want to experience the Tongue Fu Flicks.

They also produced introductions for each poem, a short film, Introducing Tongue Fu, a 30 second trailer and a 30 minute 'show' featuring all six of the poets, presented by Tongue Fu front man Chris Redmond.

Key challenges and learnings

Key challenges and learnings for Renaissance One were:

  • Producing a live filming/recording event
  • Working in collaboration with multiple partners
  • Managing a team of 30 people in the run up to the shoot
  • Managing and overseeing a team of more than 10 people working on differing aspects of live performance, including recording and film capture, sound and video mixing, editing and post-production
  • Producing multi-media content and metadata for The Space
  • Gaining a greater sense and an appreciation of what audiences like and want to see from live events and specially-edited archive footage that comes from live events


  • Provided significant opportunity to produce film, animation and audio recordings of a quality not usually within reach
  • Broadened Renaissance One's collaboration with poets, Tongue Fu, the Albany, and with a new range of independent and BBC professionals spanning film, audio and post-production
  • Expanded Tongue Fu's social media profile including a Twitter account and a newly developed website


Successes of the project include:

  • Creating a body of work, both recordings and animations
  • Working with skilled, creative, adaptable people
  • Strengthening of alliance between Tongue Fu and Renaissance One
  • A new connection for Tongue Fu, with the Albany venue, as an exciting space for spoken word and poetry
  • Furthering team-work and shared experiences, as artists and creative people could work together to a common goal
  • Producing a successful live filming event
  • Managing a team of artists, creatives and musicians
  • Working within budget, with a strong aesthetic and creative vision


Chris Redmond says: "What The Space has done is put Tongue Fu and Renaissance One on a much bigger stage and in great company. Since the work has been available on The Space, Tongue Fu has been approached for bookings by the Royal Albert Hall, StAnza - The Scottish Poetry Festival, the Southbank Centre and the Edinburgh Festival. Renaissance One's public profile has been significantly raised, leading to a lot of potential and new strands in the future."