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Shift Happens: ALT Shift at York Theatre Royal

  • Date: 1 February 2010
  • Artform: None
  • Area: North
Charlie Leadbeater at Shift Happens 2.0 Charlie Leadbeater at Shift Happens 2.0, Photo: courtesy of Pilot Theatre

This was the third annual Shift Happens arts and technology conference.

Shift Happens: ALT Shift, at York Theatre Royal shows artists and art organisations how to maximise the growing opportunities new technologies offer.

The conference is organised by Pilot Theatre in partnership with York Theatre Royal supported by Arts Council England, Yorkshire.

Delegates learn about the latest developments in digital technology, explore innovative online opportunities, and network with industry leaders.

There is also a fascinating line up of speakers, including the National Theatre's Head of Digital Media David Sabel, artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris, and world-renowned creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson.

A selection of the speakers are hosted via Skype, as part of Pilot Theatre's work to reduce the carbon footprint for the event.

Denise Fahmy, Visual Arts and Media Officer, Arts Council England, Yorkshire, said: 'Shift Happens offers a place for the arts community to share the very best in digitally enhanced practice and developments, and we are delighted to be supporting the conference in its third year. Previous conferences have offered both a light-bulb moment for delegates, as well as relaxed reflection. This year the Shift Happens programme is even broader and promises to inspire and motivate the whole arts community to work digitally.'

Arts Council England, Yorkshire supports Shift Happens as part of its work to foster an arts sector that is digitally active and prepared for emerging opportunities.

Follow ALT Shift on twitter The hashtag for the event is #shifthappens