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Own Art

  • Date: 13 May 2010
  • Artform: Visual arts
  • Area: National
Pig farmer David Pike regularly buys art through the scheme Pig farmer David Pike regularly buys art through the scheme, photograph by Richard Rayner, North News and Pictures

Set up in 2004 by Arts Council England, Own Art makes it easy and affordable for everyone to take home high quality contemporary art and crafts. Loans are available from as little as £100 up to £2,000 and the amount borrowed is paid back in 10 equal monthly installments. The scheme can be used across England through a network of nearly 250 participating galleries.

Pig farmer David Pike, from Wolsingham County Durham, regularly uses the Own Art scheme. David's collection includes abstract works of local landscapes by the artist Paul Denham and works by Peter Howson.

David said: 'I've bought about 10 pieces of art over the last 10 years, six or seven through the scheme. One of my first purchases through the scheme was some ceramic pigs. My favourite piece is a Howson called Severus. It is a strong painting that has a real resonance with me as it depicts a working man who is deep in thought. It shows how working men can still be intellectual and capable of deep thought, which I like because although I do manual labour, I'm an intellectual.

'I don't really go on holidays, partly because it's hard to find someone to take care of all the animals, but also because I'd rather buy a piece of art. Buying art is still a luxury although the scheme does make it easier. I like buying work from local artists since I feel more of a connection with them. The scheme helps to promotes local art through small galleries. I think that's really important.'

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