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Laura McCafferty

  • Date: 28 August 2009
  • Artform: Visual arts
  • Area: Midlands

Laura McCafferty was one of 18 graduates from the East Midlands to attend the 13th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Bari, Puglia, Southern Italy in May 2008.

These 18 were the first British artists ever to exhibit their work at the major showcase of European talent, which puts more than 1,000 artists from 48 countries in one place for a week.

Laura says: ‘The whole place was buzzing with activity, performance, dance and exhibitions. It gave me the chance to view my own artwork in an international context and gain feedback from my UK and European peers.

‘I sold a piece to a collector in Turin, received press coverage and visited an art dealer for a possible solo exhibition in 2009. It has inspired a new collection of artwork. Friendships have been formed and there is definite possibility for future collaborations as we were able to gain an understanding of each other's practices.

‘I found new confidence in myself as an artist and realised the benefit of being around other artists. On my return I rented a second space in a Nottingham group studio. By spending two days per week there I can develop ideas, draw and work together to create a recognised artists' studio both locally and nationally.

‘I hope that we were the first of many UK young artists to take part as I feel that participation will inject new energy and dialogue into our creative community. It was an honor to be chosen to represent the UK and would recommend it to anyone open to opportunity.’

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