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Kitchen radio station reaches 20,000 people across the globe

  • Date: 3 June 2014
  • Artform: Music
  • Area: South West
Large group of musicians on Bristol Kitchen Radio posing for a photo BKR Kitchen Dance Party, Bristol Kitchen Radio

Bristol Kitchen Radio held the world's first transatlantic kitchen dance party using £3,050 from our Grants for the arts funding scheme.

Celebrating dancing in kitchens, this interactive version of the successful Bristol Kitchen Radio show directly engaged listeners. Funding meant the company could employ musicians and a choreographer for the show.

Inspiration for the show came from radio hootenannies of the 1940s and 50s which used live music to unite listeners across America.

People could decide to take part in the Bristol Kitchen Party in a number of ways, either by simply listening to the music, joining in with the dance steps and singing, using the podcast to hold a party of their own or taking photos and making a film of their own kitchen party.

Listen to the show here:

International success

The show contacted international folk music radio stations and blogs to help spread the word about the project. Bristol Kitchen Radio had great success in promoting the show to an international audience, with new listeners engaged across the globe, as far away as Japan, Argentina and Ghana.

A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio presenter was so excited by the project that she suggested the kitchen party show was broadcast at the same time in Bristol and Canada. Cutting edge Canadian news broadcaster technology combined wifi and mobile phone signals to broadcast the show across the Atlantic. Presenters encouraged listeners to send in videos and photos of themselves dancing to the show, which were included in A Kitchen Party film.

Ellen Hughes, Producer of Bristol Kitchen Radio said: 'The best kitchen parties are intimate, relaxed, uninhibited, spontaneous and great fun, filled with dancing and laughter. Part of the joy of our show was the intimacy and excitement of being so close to high quality, live acoustic music made in people's kitchens.'

One listener said: 'It's a gorgeous listen. The music is just glorious.'

You can find out more about Bristol Kitchen Radio on their website.

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