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Hetain Patel

  • Date: 7 September 2009
  • Artform: None
  • Area: Midlands

Hetain Patel was one of 18 graduates from the East Midlands to attend the 13th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM) in Bari, Puglia, Southern Italy in May 2008.

These 18 were the first British artists ever to exhibit their work at the major showcase of European talent.

Hetain says: ‘I find the most exciting aspect of being an artist is the creative process – the challenge, the freedom, the playing, and if you're lucky a piece of work that you can't wait to share with an audience.

‘Being given the opportunity to take such a work out to Bari, Puglia to present it in an international context was a privilege. Not only did I receive lots of great feedback and exposure but also got to experience a wide range of work from other young artists living in Europe and the Mediterranean.

‘I got to know many of the other British artists for the first time at the biennale and made some great friends while I was there. Engaging with the arts and artists internationally opens your eyes to the possibilities of cultural exchange.

It reaffirms your faith in art and what it can do beyond the gratification of the artist. I had an unforgettable time in Bari and I'm already jealous of the group that gets to be involved in the next biennale!’

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