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Halima Cassell

  • Date: 7 September 2009
  • Artform: Visual arts
  • Area: North

Pakistan-born, Blackburn-based artist Halima Cassell works in ceramics, producing individual pieces, outdoor and indoor sculptures and wall art.

Using heavily-grogged clay, Cassell produces quite simple forms, which she uses as a host to her intricate carved designs inspired by her Asian roots, African patternwork and architecture, both past and present. Each piece takes around 80 hours, and is also slowly dried over a period of weeks.

In spring 2007, Halima had a residency and three solo shows in Japan, as well as work on display at the Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool, a solo show at Gallery Oldham, and an invitation to be a guest at the World Contemporary Ceramics 4th Bienniale in South Korea.

She says: ‘My forms are energetic expressions of my psyche linking two cultures, like left and right hemispheres of the brain; logic and reason married to irrationality in order to formulate a style of working. Like slightly shifting sands my work refuses to stand still.’

Halima Cassell received funding for her work through our Grants for the arts programme.

Visit her website at