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Creative Services - evaluation and future developments

  • Date: 22 April 2008
  • Artform: All
  • Area: London, National

The Creative Services programme will be evaluated in a number of different ways:

  • Boroughs will undertake their own localised evaluation of the pilot work as part of their bid to the grant programme
  • We have commissioned Economic Research Services (ERS) to work with us to assess the effectiveness of the Creative Services programme in meeting its stated aims and the aims of the Arts Council London, Children, young people and the arts strategy
  • ERS will also undertake an initial forecast of the likely cost benefit and impact analysis of a selection of pilot programmes against borough LAA targets. This will involve a small selection of strong pilots.
  • ERS will work with us to design a framework for ongoing data capture of all funded pilots against borough corporate planning targets and needs. All successful Creative Services programme will be expected to work with this framework.

We will also be continuing to work with young people on the development and evaluation of this programme.

Arts Council London recently partnered Participation Works and the DCSF in a conference which looked at sharing some of the good practice from the Creative Services programme. Information about this conference will soon be uploaded on the Participation Works website.