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Creative Egremont

  • Date: 7 September 2009
  • Artform: Visual arts
  • Area: North

Creative Egremont is a forward-thinking community public art project based in and around Egremont, a historic Norman market town in a deprived area of Cumbria.

The scheme features a mix of public art and local activities, including a team of young people working with an international artist to renovate a vandalised bus shelter, and the Egremont Greasy Pole - a piece by Turner-prize winning Jeremy Dellar that brings a contemporary twist to the annual Crab Fair, which dates back to 1267.

Other projects, including an arts fair, architectural commissions, and community art projects will focus on promoting the creativity of local people in the area rather than importing work from outside it. Egremont FM, a short-term community radio station was established as part of the regeneration project, providing a programme of artistic output for and by local people.

By connecting the future with the past, Creative Egremont aims to create a more positive outlook for the future as part of the town’s ongoing regeneration plan. Simon Walker of the Partnership says: ‘Creative Egremont has helped to show the whole community what arts work can involve, taking it out of the gallery and the theatre and making it part of people’s everyday lives.’

The scheme originated from the Egremont Area Regeneration Partnership and Grizedale Arts, with partners West Lakes Renaissance and Copeland Borough Council and support from the Henry Moore Foundation.

Egremont Area Regeneration Partnership was awarded £120,000 from our Grants for the arts scheme as part of a long-term programme of regeneration work. The overall programme will put £3 million of investment into Egremont over the next five years.

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