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Achieving great art for everyone

  • Date: 4 November 2010
  • Artform: None
  • Area: National

Informed by a major consultation earlier in the year, Achieving great art for everyone sets out a 10-year vision with five ambitious goals at its heart.

Alan Davey, Chief Executive of the Arts Council, said: It may seem strange to be publishing a document with the ambition 'Achieving great art for everyone' when, at the time of publication, central government funding for the arts has been cut, reflecting wider pressures on public spending.  It is not strange, it is vital.

This year of writing, 2010, is a golden one for the arts. We want to keep this golden age alive, for the long-term good of the arts themselves, for their place in society, and simply for the fact they make this nation rich in intellectual, spiritual and economic terms. They are part of our collective soul and common wealth'.

The strategic framework argues for excellence, founded on diversity and innovation, and a new collaborative spirit to develop the arts over the long term, so they truly belong to everyone.

It believes there is more we can do together to nurture and champion talented artists and promote England as an international artistic centre. It commits the Arts Council to working even harder to support the organisations and artists it funds, deepening the value and impact of their work.

With its focus on long-term collaborative action, the strategic framework will enable us to work with partners towards positive change in the arts. It provides the rationale for our investment in the arts and will inform our future funding decisions.  

Read Achieving great art for everyone, use it, and tell us what you think.